Tim Ryan Wins First Debate Against San Francisco Fraud JD Vance

Four weeks out from election day, Tim Ryan successfully showed Ohioans that he will fight like hell for what’s right for Ohio in the U.S. Senate, while proving that JD Vance is an out-of-state fraud who is only running for Senate to make himself more powerful.

“Tonight, San Francisco fraud JD Vance showed us all exactly why he was so scared to debate Tim in the first place: he’s a total phony whose extreme positions on women’s health care could not be further out of the mainstream,” said Tim for Ohio campaign manager Dave Chase. “Tim won this debate with a clear-eyed vision for how he will continue to work across the aisle to fight like hell for Ohio workers, while Vance once again failed to answer for why he started a fake non-profit that brought a Purdue Pharma shill to the center of Ohio’s opioid epidemic, called law enforcement “corrupt,” and is backing a national abortion ban that would force victims of rape and incest to have their rapist’s babies.”