Tim Ryan Statement on Proposed Gas Tax Holiday

Tim Ryan released the following statement in response to news that the White House is proposing that Congress suspend the federal gas tax through September:

“Whether I’m talking to home health aides in Cleveland, factory workers in Marietta, or the checkout clerk at the Giant Eagle in Warren, one thing is consistent: Ohioans are working harder than ever and getting crushed by record inflation and off-the-charts gas prices. Suspending the gas tax would be a good first step to get working families some relief, but it’s not nearly enough. Congress needs to move quickly to pass a comprehensive package of tax cuts, including a reauthorized Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and a break for the working people left out of the last round of tax cuts.

“This moment calls for a clean break from the decades of failed trade and tax policies that allowed corporations to close up shop in Ohio and ship our manufacturing base overseas, racking up record profits at the expense of workers here. If we’re serious about putting workers first, we need to go all-in on bringing back our supply chain, and in the meantime, we shouldn’t let another week go by without a robust tax cut to get some money in the pockets of the people who keep our country moving.”