Tim Ryan Statement on Labor Day

Tim Ryan released the following statement in celebration of Labor Day and Ohio workers:

“This Labor Day, we pause to celebrate the American workers and the labor movement that built our country up and gave rise to the great American middle class. Ohio workers have always led the nation — not just in the industries where you work, but also in the fight for economic freedom and a voice on the job — and today, as we sit on the verge of the next great industrial era in our country’s history, Ohio workers are ready to keep leading. At the same time, we’re seeing a resurgence in the labor movement as workers across the country are speaking up, getting organized, and fighting for a piece of the action — whether that means using your collective power to demand a fair contract that honors your hard work, or taking the brave steps to form a union for the first time, in coffeeshops, health care facilities, libraries, distribution centers, and beyond.

“It’s well past time to tip the balance of power back to working people in this country, and we have a lot to be hopeful about right now. As Ohio’s next senator, I promise to always be a partner to the working men and women who keep our state moving — standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you and fighting like hell to make sure you are cut in on the deal.”

Tim’s lifelong commitment to the working people of Ohio has earned him the endorsement of nearly thirty labor organizations, including the Ohio AFL-CIO and the Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council.