Tim Ryan Releases Two New TV Ads

Tim Ryan’s U.S. Senate campaign released two new TV ads to continue to introduce Ohioans to Tim while drawing contrasts between Tim’s commitment to keeping Ohio safe and JD Vance’s attacks on law enforcement.

In “Corrupt,” Stark County Sheriff George T. Maier goes on the offensive against JD Vance for proposing to defund law enforcement, while praising Tim Ryan for working to increase funding for the public safety officers who protect Ohio.


On the campaign trail, Vance has proposed defunding the FBI and the ATF and defended his friend Matt Gaetz, who is currently under federal criminal investigation, by saying law enforcement is “corrupt.”

In contrast, Tim has categorically opposed defunding the police and helped bring $467 million in federal funding to support law enforcement in Ohio and put more good cops on the street. Tim Ryan knows defunding the police is ridiculous,” Sheriff Maier says in the ad. “I trust Tim Ryan to keep our community safe.”

“Tim Ryan is running for the Senate to fight for hometowns like his all across Ohio by creating good-paying jobs, bringing down costs, cutting taxes for working families, and making sure our public safety officers have the resources they need to keep us safe,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Izzi Levy. “Meanwhile, Silicon Valley fraud JD Vance has blamed Ohioans for the hardships they’ve faced from decades of outsourcing and disinvestment, calls middle class tax cuts a ‘gimmick’ and law enforcement ‘corrupt,’ and cannot be trusted to put Ohio ahead of his own shameless self-interest.” 

Neighborhood highlights Tim’s roots in the Mahoning Valley and his personal commitment to doing right by Ohio workers, including taking on his own party and working across the aisle to oppose the unfair trade deals that have devastated communities like the one where he grew up, as well as working with anyone to cut taxes and bring down costs for working families. A recent study from Georgetown University ranked Tim the most bipartisan Democrat in Ohio’s congressional delegation and one of the most bipartisan members of the entire House of Representatives. 


“I don’t answer to any political party,” Tim says in the ad. “I answer to the folks I grew up with and the families like yours all across Ohio.” 

 Read the transcript of “Neighborhood” below:

TIM RYAN: Growing up around Youngstown, my mom raised us on her own, but this whole neighborhood felt like family.

So when Obama’s trade deal threatened jobs here, I voted against it. And I voted with Trump on trade.

I don’t answer to any political party. I answer to the folks I grew up with and the families like yours all across Ohio.

I’ll work with either party to cut costs and pass a middle class tax cut because you deserve some breathing room.

I’m Tim Ryan and I approve this message.

Read the transcript of “Corrupt” below:

SHERIFF GEORGE T. MAIER: I love serving my community as Sheriff. So when JD Vance calls law enforcement corrupt, it makes me angry. 

That makes my job harder. 

So does JD’s plan to eliminate an agency that combats violent drug traffickers. 

Tim Ryan knows defunding the police is ridiculous. He’s brought back $467 million to put good cops on the street.

I trust Tim Ryan to keep our community safe.

TIM RYAN: I’m Tim Ryan and I approve this message.