Tim Ryan Releases First General Election TV Ad: “Never”

Tim Ryan’s U.S. Senate campaign is releasing its first TV ad of the general election, titled “Never.” The ad calls out J.D. Vance for turning his back on Ohio’s manufacturing workers—a stunning contrast with Tim, who has spent his career fighting to keep manufacturing jobs in Ohio, revitalize and modernize manufacturing here, and invest in the workers who power this critical industry.


In 2016, while still living in San Francisco, J.D. Vance said on a Bloomberg podcast that we “have to fess up and admit” that an Ohioan who works in manufacturing may “not be able to find a good-paying job for the rest of his working life.”

“Never,” Tim Ryan says, in the new ad, which highlights Intel’s plans to build the world’s largest and most sophisticated semiconductor plant in Central Ohio. “We’re bringing manufacturing back.”

The Intel project, which will create thousands of good-paying construction and manufacturing jobs, is driven in large part by legislation that Tim has fought for in Congress to prepare Ohio’s workforce for the next generation of high-tech manufacturing jobs and hold China accountable for unfair and uncompetitive practices. 

“While J.D. was writing off hardworking Ohioans who have been sold out by bad trade deals and corporations that shipped jobs overseas, Tim Ryan was fighting like hell to bring new life to Ohio’s manufacturing economy and make sure there’s a future for working people here,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Izzi Levy. “J.D. Vance is a fraud who turned his back on Ohio workers, cashed in on their hardships from his cushy perch in San Francisco, and will say anything to get ahead, while Tim Ryan answers to Ohio workers and will never stop fighting for what’s right for Ohio — and he has the results to prove it.”

While J.D. Vance’s Big Tech dealings and shameless political maneuvering have earned him the support of a Big Tech billionaire who invested $15 million in a super PAC to drag him across the finish line of his primary, Tim Ryan’s unwavering commitment to supporting workers and bringing good-paying jobs back to Ohio has earned him the endorsement of two dozen labor unions and the Ohio AFL-CIO, representing over a million workers and retirees across the state.

 Read the transcript of “Never” below:

J.D. VANCE: It may just be the case that a 55-year-old worker in Dayton, Ohio who has spent his entire life in manufacturing—he may not be able to find a good-paying job for the rest of his working life.

I think we maybe have to fess up to that and admit to that.

TIM RYAN: Never. We’re bringing manufacturing back. 

Two intel factories right here. 7,000 construction jobs. 3,000 plant jobs.

When J.D. Vance moved to San Francisco, he gave up on Ohio. I never will. 

I’m Tim Ryan and I approve this message.