Tim Ryan Offers Clear Path Forward for Ohio in Democratic Senate Debate

Today, Tim Ryan participated in the Ohio Debate Commission’s Democratic U.S. Senate debate, showing Ohioans how he will fight to cut workers in on the deal, reinvest in Ohio, and revitalize manufacturing:

“In today’s debate, Tim offered a clear path forward for Ohio to take on China and cut workers in on the deal,” said Tim Ryan for Ohio campaign manager Dave Chase. “He showed Ohioans his commitment to investing in Ohio, bringing good paying union jobs back home, and making things in Ohio again. Tim’s commitment to putting workers front and center and rebuilding Ohio’s middle class is a far cry from the clown car of millionaire GOP candidates who have spent their time caught up in culture wars and nearly getting in fist fights.”

Today’s debate comes as Tim continues to meet with and listen to workers about the challenges they’re facing in every corner of the state through his Workers First Tour. Throughout his career and during his Senate campaign, Tim has proved that he will always put workers first.