Tim Ryan leads Republican JD Vance in New Siena College Poll

Franklin County Swing Voter: “[Tim Ryan] seems like he comes from a blue collar town and has not forgotten those roots; versus JD Vance, it seems to me he’s kind of lost his way a bit.”

A new public poll from Spectrum News/Siena College confirms that Tim Ryan and JD Vance are running neck-and-neck just six weeks out from Election Day. 

The poll, which shows Tim Ryan leading JD Vance 46%-43%, follows recent polling from Suffolk University and Marist that show Tim’s workers-first message and non-stop campaign schedule are earning him the support of Democratic, Republican, and independent voters across Ohio. As Sabato’s Crystal Ball’s Kyle Kondik observes, this has “certainly become a real Senate race over the course of the summer,” and several leading election analysts have moved the race in Tim’s direction. 

Meanwhile, Vance has remained invisible in Ohio, earning even more criticism from Republicans who say he needs to be more “aggressive” in his campaigning and worry about his standing with conservative women who disagree with his extreme views on abortion. Accordingly, the new poll shows Tim leading Vance “in two crucial voting blocks that will help decide this race: Support from independents (47% to 35%) and women voters (54% to 34%).”

“While San Francisco fraud JD Vance has been campaigning everywhere but Ohio, Tim spent the summer showing up for Ohioans in communities small and large all across the state,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Jordan Fuja. “Ohio voters know that Tim will fight like hell to make sure their voices are heard in the U.S. Senate, while Vance will continue to sell them out — just like he did with his investments into companies that profit from outsourcing and globalization, with his non-profit that brought a Big Pharma mouthpiece to Ohio’s opioid epidemic, and his support for extreme abortion policies that would force victims of rape and incest to give birth.”