Tim Ryan Launches U.S. Senate Campaign

Tim Ryan launches campaign to “fight like hell in the U.S. Senate to cut workers in on the deal”

Tim Ryan is announcing his campaign for the U.S. Senate today, with a pledge to cut Ohio workers in on the deal.

Watch his launch video HERE:

“I am running to fight like hell in the U.S Senate to cut workers in on the deal,” said Tim Ryan. “Ohioans are working harder than ever, they’re doing everything right, and they’re still falling behind. Countries all over the world are investing billions in infrastructure, education, health care, and their workforce to out-compete American businesses and workers. Our workers need a game plan to level the playing field and bring jobs home to Ohio.”

Tomorrow, Tim will begin his Workers First Tour to hear from workers in every corner of Ohio about the challenges they are facing, starting with a virtual roundtable conversation with nurses and health care workers in Cuyahoga County.

Email Izzi@TimForOH.com to RSVP to tomorrow’s event, or to find a Workers First Tour event in your community.