Tim Ryan Launches New Radio Ads

Today, Tim Ryan for Ohio released a suite of new radio ads to proactively reach out to Black voters across Ohio. 


The ads feature Cincinnati State Senator Cecil Thomas, Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, and Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown. Future ads targeting Cleveland voters will also feature Mayor Justin Bibb.

“Tim does the work,” says Congresswoman Joyce Beatty in the new ad. “He fights everyday to make your life better, and no one will fight harder for us.”

Tim Ryan launched his campaign with a pledge to fight for working families in every community in Ohio. He has a proven track record of taking on both parties to fight for what is right for Ohioans so that everyone has the opportunity and resources to succeed.

“Tim is the real deal,” says Cincinnati State Senator Cecil Thomas. “He was raised by a single mom and knows what it’s like to struggle. And I think it’s that experience that keeps him focused on solving problems, not causing more like the rest of Washington.”

“Tim is one of the most active and engaged leaders I’ve worked with… Day in and day out, he gives everything he’s got to improve people’s lives,” says Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown in the ad.

The launch of the new radio ads comes one week after Tim secured the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in Ohio. Since launching his U.S. Senate campaign last year, Tim has worked to earn the support of Black leaders across Ohio. The new radio ads are part of a concerted strategy to engage early with Black voters and highlight how Tim will fight for those who have too often been left behind and not listened to by politicians in Washington.