Tim Ryan Launches First TV Ad in Campaign for U.S. Senate

First ad highlights need for U.S. to take on China and bring manufacturing back to Ohio

Today, Tim Ryan for Ohio launched the campaign’s first TV ad titled “One Word.” The ad, which is part of a $3.3 million TV buy, highlights Tim’s commitment to taking on China and supporting workers by revitalizing manufacturing in Ohio. 


The campaign is also launching 6-15-, and 60-second digital ads showcasing Tim’s call to invest in Ohio workers and rebuild our economy.


“China is out-manufacturing us left and right … It’s time for us to fight back,” Tim Ryan says in “One Word.” “We need to build things in Ohio by Ohio workers.”

Tim has spent his entire career fighting for workers by opposing bad trade deals, working to increase wages and make it easier to join a union, and bringing good-paying jobs back to Ohio. He is running for the U.S. Senate to take on China, invest in Ohio, and create new opportunities to cut workers in on the deal. 

The launch of Tim’s first TV ads comes on the heels of record-breaking fundraising numbers, the campaign’s announcement of a $3+ million investment in the Ohio Democratic Coordinated Campaign, and growing grassroots support and endorsements across the state. 

Read the transcript of “One Word” below:
TIM RYAN: China. It’s definitely China. One word: China. 

It is us versus China and instead of taking them on, Washington’s wasting our time on stupid fights.

China is out-manufacturing us left and right. Left and right. 

America can never be dependent on communist China. 

It is time for us to fight back. We need to fight back. It’s time to fight back. 

We need to build things in Ohio by Ohio workers. 

I’m Tim Ryan and I approve this message.