Tim Ryan Enters General Election With MomenTIM on His Side

Since winning the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate last Tuesday, Tim Ryan hasn’t slowed down. Rather than sitting back and celebrating, Tim immediately went on the road to meet with Ohioans from Cincinnati to Toledo, hear what they’re going through, and show how he’s going to keep fighting like hell for workers in the Senate.

Tim Wins The Democratic Primary

On primary night, Tim joined his family and supporters in Columbus to celebrate and kick off the general election.

General Election Road Trip

Immediately after his primary victory, Tim hit the road again, traveling to Hamilton, Dayton, Lima, and Toledo to meet with workers and students and share his plans to fight like hell for Ohioans in the Senate.

  • AT BUTLER TECH JUNIOR VOCATIONAL SCHOOL: “…[Tim] Ryan is a leader in celebrating the jobs, industries, and skills that are in demand in Ohio.”
  • IN DAYTON WITH UFCW MEMBERS: Tim talked about the importance of passing the PRO Act, which he cosponsored in the House and which would update labor laws and make it easier for workers to join a union. “‘He’s great for the union, especially with the PRO Act,’ said Vashyra Cannon, who attended the roundtable.”
  • TIM’S COMMITMENT TO OHIO’S “FORGOTTEN COMMUNITIES”: “We want to meet people where they are. I come from an area up in the Youngstown area, a small town, Niles, Ohio, and that area’s largely been forgotten. So I’m here to say to these forgotten communities like Lima that you will not be forgotten under my watch.”
  • WITH UAW AND SHEET METAL WORKERS IN TOLEDO: We’re continuing “to push out a message really centered around workers and rebuilding the middle class, and making sure we’ve got good paying jobs here in Toledo doing the jobs of the future.”

One week after securing the nomination, Tim also visited the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital during National Nurses Week to learn about their leading role in life-saving cancer research and how Congress can support health care workers.

New Videos Highlight J.D. Vance’s True Feelings About Ohioans

Tim’s Senate campaign welcomed California’s own J.D. Vance to the general election with the release of a new video highlighting how Vance abandoned of Ohio and his comments calling America “kind of a joke.”

  • FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES’ JAZMINE ULLOA: “Only minutes had passed after Mr. Vance was declared the victor in his primary when Mr. Ryan, a 10-term House representative from northeastern Ohio who has long sought to appeal to blue-collar workers, released an ad attacking Mr. Vance. He accused Mr. Vance of leaving the state for San Francisco to become a celebrity and to make millions in Silicon Valley.”

Read more about the video in Forbes and Real Clear Politics.

Tim’s campaign also released a video holding J.D. accountable for his comments saying “he doesn’t care one way or another what happens to Ukraine” and his financial ties to Rumble, which Russian state media uses to spread propaganda.

  • FROM THE HILL’S JULIA MANCHESTER: “The issue hits close to home in Ohio, particularly in the northeastern portion of the state, which is home to one of the largest concentrations of Ukrainian Americans in the country.”

Hitting The Airwaves

In addition to the new videos targeting J.D., Tim’s Senate campaign released a suite of new radio ads to proactively connect with Black voters across Ohio. The ads feature prominent Black leaders in Ohio, including State Senator Cecil Thomas, Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, and Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown, while future ads in Cleveland will feature Mayor Justin Bibb. 

Protecting Abortion Rights

Tim’s campaign released a video criticizing J.D. Vance for his out-of-touch and extreme views on abortion, including calling rape “inconvenient” while justifying cruel restrictions on reproductive care for survivors of rape or incest.

Tim also responded to the Senate’s failure to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which Tim is an original co-sponsor on in the House of Representatives. In the video, Tim says, “I look forward to getting to the Senate, reforming the filibuster, getting rid of the filibuster, and making sure we pass the Women’s Health Protection Act and codify Roe v. Wade.”