Tim Ryan Continues to Gain MomenTIM as the Workers First Express Crisscrosses the State 

Fall is officially here, and Tim is busier than ever, traveling across the state to talk with Ohioans. Over the past week, he held campaign events in Youngstown, Dayton, Lima, Toledo, Columbus, and Mount Vernon to learn about medical marijuana production, connect with Somali voters, and hear from workers on National Manufacturing Day.

Beep Beep!

On Tuesday, Tim unveiled the Workers First Express, the campaign bus that will take him across the state for the final month of this election as he meets with voters and talks about his plans to cut Ohio workers in on the deal. 

Tim On The Road 

Tim kicked off the week with a tour of Riviera Creek Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Youngstown, where he learned about the technology workers use to grow medical marijuana and its potential use in growing other crops.  
WKBN’S STAN BONEY ON TIM’S VISIT TO RIVIERA CREEK: “Ryan called the process ‘cutting-edge technology’ and sees it being used to help feed the world.”

After his visit in Youngstown, on Wednesday, Tim and his wife Andrea traveled to Dayton to tour Millenium Reign Energy, a hydrogen energy production and capture facility and attend a roundtable discussion with workers.

For his next stop, Tim and Andrea traveled to Lima to meet with voters and unveil his new campaign bus – the Workers First Express. 

PRECIOUS GRUNDY WITH LIMA NEWS REPORTS ON TIM’S PLANS TO FIGHT FOR WORKERS: “The Workers First Express bus tour focuses on the workers in Ohio. He hopes to continue to invest and rebuild the working middle class.”

HOMETOWN STATIONS’ SARTAJ SINGH ON TIM’S DEDICATION TO SOLVING THE ISSUES THAT MATTER TO OHIOANS: “Ryan pointed to recent survey numbers that show him ahead of his Republican challenger J.D. Vance and says that he will make sure that working class families’ voices are heard in the Senate, with him already hearing what’s on the minds of voters: inflation costs and worker rights.”

To end the day, Tim traveled to Toledo to discuss workplace safety and offer his condolences to steelworkers and the families of Ben and Max Morrisey, workers who were injured on the job and later died when a fire broke out at the BP Refinery on September 20th.

WTVG ON THE WORKERS FIRST EXPRESS AND TIM’S CAMPAIGN SCHEDULE: “Tim Ryan’s newly-announced bus tour, dubbed the Workers First Express, will bring the candidate to Lima for a Meet in Greet in the morning. Ryan will then travel to Toledo for a roundtable discussion with refinery workers at 3:00 p.m.”

On Thursday, Tim traveled to Columbus to meet with Somali voters, to talk about the issues on their minds going into the midterm elections. While JD Vance dismisses Columbus’ Somali community — the second-biggest in the country — Tim will never take these critical voters for granted.


Monumentally Bad Trade Deals:

Pop a Bottle

THE WASHINGTON POST’S EUGENE SCOTT AND MARIANA ALFARO ON “POP A BOTTLE”: “In a new ad, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) and his wife, Andrea, share that Americans don’t need to agree on everything to find solutions to the nation’s problems — a nod to the lawmaker’s hopes that independents and Republicans will back his Senate bid.”

MomenTIM Unstoppable With Election Day Less Than Five Weeks Away

ANDY CHOW OF THE STATEHOUSE NEWS BUREAU REPORTS FORMER REPUBLICAN LEADERS SUPPORT TIM RYAN: “Whether we’re talking foreign policy, whether we’re talking law and order, whether we’re talking fighting extremism, if Ronald Reagan were here today, he wouldn’t have anything to do with J.D. Vance. And I believe that we, as Republicans shouldn’t have anything to do with him either,” said Heimlich during a press event in the Ohio Statehouse.

THE OHIO CAPITAL JOURNAL’S NICK EVANS ON TIM’S CROSS-PARTY APPEAL: “With November’s election looming, a group of Republicans are hitting the campaign trail this week. But instead of stumping for the GOP, they’ll be encouraging voters to back the Democrat, Tim Ryan, in Ohio’s race for U.S. Senate.”

SIENA/SPECTRUM NEWS POLL FINDS RACE STATISTICALLY TIED, WITH TIM INCHING AHEAD: “Democrat Tim Ryan leads Republican JD Vance 46% to 43% in the new independent poll, but a 4.4% margin-of-error means they remain statistically tied.

THE HILL’S ZACH SCHONFELD ON THE STATE OF THE TIGHTENING RACE: “The new poll provides a more optimistic look for Ryan’s chances after multiple recent surveys showed Vance with a slight lead.”

“The new Spectrum News-Siena College poll found Ryan with a 12-point lead among independents, garnering 47 percent support compared to Vance’s 35 percent.”  

SIMON MONTLAKE FROM THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR NOTES TIM’S DEDICATION TO FIGHTING FOR ALL OHIOIANS: “He also describes his listening tour as a moral imperative for a national party that may be tempted to write off much of rural America as a lost cause. “I think it’s important, especially as a Democrat, to let people in these small towns know that we care about them,” he says.” 

DOUGLAS BELKIN & JOHN MCCORMICK OF THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ARGUE TIM’S RACE MAY BE A ROAD MAP FOR DEMOCRATIC SUCCESS IN THE RUST BELT: “Vina Colley, 76, a retired electrician in Scioto County, said she is voting for Mr. Ryan. She said she previously supported Republicans, including Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, but has grown unnerved by what she sees as an authoritarian streak in the GOP as personified by Mr. Trump.”

MomenTIM Palpable During Tim’s Appearance on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell:

Tim spoke to Lawrence O’Donnell on Wednesday about the competitive race he’s running in Ohio, his focus on fighting for workers and good-paying jobs for our communities, and how San Francisco fraud JD Vance is wrong for Ohio. 

Another Race Rater Moves OH-Sen in Tim’s Direction 

Inside Elections moves the OH-Sen race from Likely R to Lean R, showing momenTIM.