Tim Ryan Agrees to Statewide Primary Debate and Town Hall

Participation is conditional on commitments that all candidates who have qualified for the ballot are allowed to participate
Tim Ryan’s campaign today announced its participation in a primary debate and town hall, both of which will be available to Ohioans statewide.

“After spending the last ten months traveling Ohio to hear directly from voters across the state, Tim is looking forward to taking the debate stage this spring to discuss his plans to invest in Ohio, take on China, and cut workers in on the deal,” said Tim for Ohio campaign manager Dave Chase. “As part of his commitment to a fair primary that gives every candidate a chance to compete, Tim is calling on the organizations hosting these events to ensure that all candidates who have qualified for the ballot are allowed the opportunity to introduce themselves to voters on the debate stage.”

On March 28th, Tim will participate in the Ohio Debate Commission’s U.S. Senate debate at Central State University in Wilberforce, which will include media partners in every corner of the state. In April, he will take part in a virtual town hall hosted by the Ohio Young Black Democrats and Ohio Young Democrats.

Tim is committed to ensuring every candidate in the primary has a chance to present their views to Ohio voters; as such, his participation in both events is conditional on commitments from the host organizations that all candidates who have qualified for the primary ballot can take part.