The Highlights: Tim Ryan Dominates in First #OHSen Debate 

Last night, Tim went head-to-head with San Francisco fraud JD Vance in the first general election debate of Ohio’s U.S. Senate race. On issues ranging from rebuilding our manufacturing base and taking on China, to protecting women’s access to abortion, to taking on the opioid epidemic, Tim held Vance’s feet to the fire and showed voters why he is the right candidate to fight for Ohio in the Senate and why political observers and pundits should never, ever bet against Ohio.

Here are some of the highlights from last night’s debate:

WATCH: “Guys like you, JD, make money off of investing in China.”

WATCH: “You started a non-profit to try to take advantage of people in Ohio, and you know what? All you did with it was launch your political career.”

WATCH: “We need leaders who have courage to take on their own party. And I’ve proven that, and he was called an ass-kisser by the former president.”

WATCH: “We have to rebuild the great American middle class. Ohio has always led the way… I will never forget where I came from.”