The “Champion All Working Men and Women Need”: MomenTIM Grows As Early Voting Begins

Early voting is underway in Ohio, and Tim Ryan continues to meet people in counties large and small on his Workers First Tour to earn support from Ohioans in every corner of the state

On The Road Again

Tim hit the campaign trail again this week with stops across Northwest Ohio to meet with voters, listen to what they want in a Senator, and share his plans to cut workers in on the deal.

  • AT THE UAW 211 UNION HALL IN DEFIANCE: “[Tim]’s a close friend to labor. This is the kind of [champion] all working men and women need. He’s there for working families. The UAW is behind him 100%,” said UAW Region 2B director Wayne Blanchard.
  • ON BUILDING SUPPORT IN RURAL COMMUNITIES: “Ryan told Sandusky County supporters he had made inroads with some longtime Republican voters who had backed President Donald Trump in the last two presidential elections. He said driving the conversation toward jobs, manufacturing and competing with China has resonated with those voters.”
  • TIM TALKS TRADES IN CELINA: “We gotta get our skills up. I mean, I think the idea that everybody gotta go to college was a huge mistake. We gotta get shop class back. We gotta have robust investments in our joint vocational programs, apprenticeships.”

Voters Head to the Polls

With early voting officially underway, Tim’s message and commitment to fighting for workers continues to resonate with Ohioans.

  • NEW YORK TIMES JAZMINE ULLOA ON TIM’S MESSAGE: “He is focused on bringing back voters who feel forgotten by Democrats and turned off by Republicans…he wants to campaign strictly on jobs, manufacturing and taking on China.” 
  • FROM VETERAN OHIO POLITICAL STRATEGIST AARON PICKRELL: “Tim’s learning what people care about, people are talking about him being there, he’s talking to the press while he’s there. Every corner of Ohio, people are going to know Tim’s looking out for him.”

Read more on the ways Tim is energizing Ohioans for the primary in the Toledo Blade.

Reinvesting in the Community

This week, Tim announced $4.35 million in federal funding for community projects in Youngstown’s South Side, including for ​​the Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown, the Mahoning Valley Community School and the Youngstown Community Food Center.

Tim, along with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, urged President Biden to provide additional military support to Ukraine. 

On the Trail

Tim is back on the campaign trail next week with stops in Crawford and Wayne Counties on Monday. For more information on locations and timing, please email