THE BIG MATCHUP: New Ad Pits San Francisco JD Vance Against Politician JD Vance in a Race to Be the Biggest Fraud

While everyone else in Ohio will be watching the #3-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Toledo Rockets at 7:00 PM, San Francisco fraud JD Vance and his out-of-state allies will be 200 miles from Ohio Stadium trying to outcompete the Buckeyes with a political rally. 

We didn’t want JD to miss out on all the football fun, so in honor of gameday, the newest digital ad from Tim Ryan’s Senate campaign pits Silicon Valley “Feels Out of Place in Ohio” JD Vance against Politician “Flip-Flops on Trump” JD Vance.


“It’s gameday in Ohio and JD Vance clearly doesn’t give a damn about the Buckeyes—but this isn’t the first time he’s shown that he’s more comfortable ignoring Ohioans than tailgating in Columbus,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Jordan Fuja. “Whichever JD shows up tonight—whether it’s San Francisco Fraud JD Vance, who said he feels ‘out of place’ in Ohio and benefitted from companies that outsourced jobs, or Politician JD Vance, whose ‘lackluster’ campaign just can’t seem to get that first down—Ohioans know he’s an out-of-state fraud who’s only in this race for himself.”