Suffolk Poll: Tim Ryan Maintains “Small Lead” in “Neck and Neck” Ohio Senate Race

Pollster David Paleologos: “Ryan’s demonstrating both solidarity within his party and the ability to cross over… enough to make this a competitive race”

A new independent poll from USA TODAY Network Ohio/Suffolk University confirms that Ohio’s U.S. Senate race remains one of the most competitive in the country, with Tim Ryan leading San Francisco transplant JD Vance by one point.

Per the new poll, “Ryan is holding steady with independent voters, according to the poll, and had support from 12% of Republicans,” as well as strong support from Democrats.

Previous polling from Suffolk had shown Vance in the lead, 42-39. The new findings come after Vance “has been outraised, outspent, and outmaneuvered all summer” by Tim, prompting Sabato’s Crystal Ball and other leading elections analysts to move the race in Tim’s direction.

Heading into the final stretch of the election, Vance’s nonexistent campaign continues to create headaches for national Republicans, who have now committed nearly $33 million to a mad-dash rescue mission for a lackluster candidate whose ongoing struggles — alongside Tim’s strength — are forcing his out-of-state allies “to play defense in a race where they were hoping they wouldn’t have to.

“Ohioans know Tim Ryan will always put them first, and that San Francisco fraud JD Vance is only in it for himself,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Izzi Levy. “From now through November 8, Tim is going to keep campaigning hard to earn the support of every last voter, while you can bet Vance will keep hiding rather than have to face the people he sold out when he invested in companies that shipped jobs to China or brought a Purdue Pharma mouthpiece to the epicenter of Ohio’s opioid epidemic.”