OUT-OF-STATE FRAUD ALERT: San Francisco Guy JD Vance Schedules Campaign Rally During Ohio State Football Game

Yesterday, out-of-state fraud JD Vance announced that the biggest event his campaign has held in months will happen at the exact same time as The Ohio State University plays University of Toledo, proving once again just how little he either knows — or cares — about the state he is running to represent in the Senate . 

While JD Vance’s ideal Saturday consists of “a few hours of casual labor” at the community garden, followed by “tasty brunches, day trips to wine country, [and] art-gallery tours,” Ohio State football is a big deal here. And that’s not even considering that they’re currently ranked #3 and are expected to have an undefeated season. 

Unsurprisingly, Vance, who sources say likes to keep a light schedule on the weekends, raised eyebrows in Ohio and beyond with his scheduling conflict….  

This morning, Joe Scarborough slammed JD Vance, saying he “clearly does not like doing this as much as he likes being in Silicon Valley… Look, bottom line is, this guy doesn’t act like he wants to be out there… and so if you don’t like campaigning in Ohio and you don’t like seeing people, just schedule your event when the Buckeyes play.”

Mediaite’s Kipp Jones jumped in on the fun, saying “the scheduling of the event really raises questions about whether either man understands how Ohio works.” He continues on, noting that “…in a state that lives and breathes college football in the fall, the smart money says the crowd will be in Columbus – or at home watching FOX’s coverage of the game.”

The Washington Post called the rally a “bit of a miscalculation,” highlighting that “Trump once owned a professional football franchise, which makes this scheduling hiccup even more of a head scratcher.”

​​“JD Vance trying to convince Ohioans that he’s not an out-of-state fraud while holding his biggest event in months at the exact same time as the Buckeyes kick off against the University of Toledo tells you everything you need to know about out-of-state fraud JD Vance,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Izzi Levy.