“OUR TEAM”: Tim Ryan Hammers Home Workers First Message in New TV Ad

In a new TV ad launched by Tim Ryan’s campaign for U.S. Senate exactly six weeks from Election Day, Tim Ryan hammers home his commitment to putting American workers first, taking on China, and giving working class families a little breathing room with a tax cut.


“Bad trade deals have screwed Ohio,” Tim Ryan says in “Our Team.” “China is winning, workers are losing. And political parties are only concerned with scoring points.”

Tim has spent his entire career fighting like hell for Ohio workers by opposing bad trade deals, working to increase wages and make it easier to join a union, bringing supply chains home, and creating more good-paying jobs in Ohio. Tim has also repeatedly called for a working-class tax cut—something JD Vance has called a “gimmick”—to help the Ohio families who are working harder than ever get some more money in their pocket.

Today’s new ad comes as several new polls, including from Siena, Marist, and Suffolk University, continue to show the Ohio Senate race in a dead heat just six weeks out from Election Day, proving that Tim’s pro-worker message is resonating with voters in every corner of Ohio, regardless of their political affiliation.  

“While JD Vance was sitting pretty in a multi-million dollar San Francisco mansion and cashing in on companies that profited from outsourcing and globalization, Tim Ryan has been working hard his entire career to help make life easier for Ohio workers,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Jordan Fuja. “Time and time again, Tim has shown that he’s the only candidate in this race who has the guts to go against his own party to take on China and do what’s right for Ohio workers.”