New Tim Ryan Ad Hammers JD Vance for His Self-Promoting Opioid Non-Profit

The latest ad from Tim Ryan’s U.S. Senate campaign calls out JD Vance for the self-promoting non-profit that Vance claimed he’d founded to combat the opioid epidemic — but which he only ever used to further his personal brand and political ambitions.


“It’s no wonder San Francisco millionaire JD Vance feels ‘out of place’ in Ohio — he’s a fraud who exploited the pain and heartbreak of thousands of families here to pad his resume and launch his political career,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Jordan Fuja. “Ohioans see Vance’s scammy, self-serving non-profit for what it is, and it’s one more reason they’ll never let him anywhere near the U.S. Senate.” 

Business Insider investigation last year revealed how Vance’s sham non-profit, “Our Ohio Renewal,” was a “charade” that mostly “[sat] around doing nothing.” Leading Ohio opioid advocates had never heard of the organization, which according to tax filings, spent more on “management fees” paid out to Jai Chabria — a longtime Kasich advisor who now serves as Vance’s Chief Strategist — than it did on programming to address the opioid crisis that has hit Ohio harder than nearly any other state.

And while Our Ohio Renewal may not have spent any meaningful sum of money or taken any concrete actions to treat addiction or respond to the opioid epidemic, the group did spend $45,000 on a mysterious “survey of the ‘social, cultural and general welfare needs of Ohio Citizens,’ along with travel and meeting expenses,” all at exactly the same time as Vance hit the Lincoln Day Dinner circuit and “commissioned polls on whether Republicans would support his candidacy” while mulling a bid for Senate in 2018.

Read the transcript of “Just the Facts”:

Narrator: When JD Vance moved back to Ohio, he told us his new non-profit would help fix our state’s opioid crisis.

But he failed to fund a single addiction program.

So what did Vance do with the money?

He funneled tens of thousands to his top political advisor.

And paid tens of thousands for political polling.

An independent expert called the non-profit a “charade.”

Vance did nothing to help Ohio, but did everything to help his political career.

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