NEW AD: When it Came to Addressing the Opioid Crisis, “JD Vance Didn’t Help. He Made it Worse.”

Vance’s Non-Profit’s Opioid Expert: “OxyContin doesn’t cause addiction. Its abusers are already addicts.”

Tim Ryan’s U.S. Senate campaign is releasing a new ad today, showing how JD Vance used his sham non-profit to promote a “Big Pharma funded mouthpiece” who called OxyContin a “godsend” and who had a reputation for “questioning the role of prescription painkillers in the national opioid crisis” for years before Vance recruited her to come to Ohio.


These findings, highlighted in a blockbuster Associated Press investigation, are part of an emerging picture of how Vance failed to use his non-profit, Our Ohio Renewal, for its intended purpose of combating the opioid epidemic in Ohio. Previous reports have shown Vance used the organization to lay the foundation for his political career, paying his top political advisor more than the organization ever spent on anti-opioids programming and using it to commission political polling as he was considering a Senate bid in 2017.

Now, it’s clear that the most prominent medical professional Vance did bring on board was a close ally of Purdue Pharma who has “[for] almost two decades… pushed back against restrictions on opioid prescribing” — spreading the kind of biased research that made Ohio’s deadly opioid epidemic even worse.

“It was bad enough that JD Vance used his sham non-profit to promote his own political career, but it’s unforgivable that he used it to promote a Purdue Pharma mouthpiece who trafficked in the biased research that made Ohio’s opioid crisis one of the worst in the country,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Jordan Fuja. “Vance is a fraud who’s only in it for himself, and his own actions make it clear that he’ll keep selling out Ohioans every chance he gets.”

Read the transcript of “Whole Picture”:

First, JD Vance promised to help fix the opioid crisis.

Then we learned he didn’t fund a single addiction program.

Instead, he used his sham non-profit to launch his political career.

Even worse…

Vance brought a Big Pharma funded mouthpiece to Ohio.

She called Oxy a “godsend.”

She spread biased research and Big Pharma kept selling pills.

JD Vance didn’t help. He made it worse.