NEW AD: JD Vance “Betrayed” Ohioans Struggling with Addiction

In a new ad for Tim Ryan’s U.S. Senate campaign, an Ohio mother recounts her son Joe’s battle with an OxyContin addiction that ultimately took his life, and calls out JD Vance for “betraying” her family by “pretending” to help kids like her son while his sham non-profit brought a doctor with a well-documented record of “questioning the role of prescription painkillers in the national opioid crisis” to Ohio.


The campaign also released a 30-second ad sharing Joe’s story and holding JD Vance accountable for his role in exploiting Ohio’s opioid epidemic for his own gain. 

“It’s not just that JD Vance pretended to help kids like Joe,” Joe’s mother says in the ad. “He brought in a woman funded by the drug companies for their own benefit.I don’t have words for how betrayed I felt. JD Vance has chosen to help the drug companies rather than the people who are struggling like Joe.

Vance’s sham non-profit, which an independent expert called “a charade” and Vance himself admitted “wasn’t ultimately very successful,” did little to address the opioid epidemic that has devastated countless families across Ohio. As the AP’s Julie Carr Smyth reported, the “charity’s most notable accomplishment — sending an addiction specialist to Ohio’s Appalachian region for a yearlong residency — was tainted by ties among the doctor, the institute that employed her and Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of OxyContin.” 

Moreover, the organization that Vance claimed was working to address the opioid epidemic actually spent more money to pay Vance’s top political strategist and fund political polling than it did on programs to combat addiction in Ohio. 

“Ohio families across the state are feeling the lasting, catastrophic impacts of the opioid crisis every single day,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Jordan Fuja. “Yet instead of helping Ohioans like he promised, JD Vance’s phony non-profit helped make this crisis worse by bringing a Purdue Pharma mouthpiece directly to the Ohio communities that suffered the most. JD’s self-serving, scammy organization is a betrayal of the people of Ohio and confirms what Ohioans already know about JD Vance: that he’s a fraud who is only in this race for himself.”