“NEVER ABOUT OHIO”: New Tim Ryan TV Ad Calls Out JD Vance For Selling Out Ohioans For His Own Gain

The latest TV ad from Tim Ryan’s campaign for U.S. Senate hammers JD Vance for selling out Ohioans for his own benefit, including investing in an app that sells American farmland to foreign nationals, moving to California to make millions off investments in companies that sent jobs to China, and starting a sham non-profit that brought a Purdue Pharma mouthpiece to the center of Ohio’s opioid epidemic.


First, JD Vance ditched Ohio for California, where he made millions while investing in companies that shipped jobs to China.

Then, Vance invested tens of thousands into an app that would help Chinese citizens and other foreign-nationals swoop in and buy American farmland from family farmers in Ohio and across the country. 

When Vance ultimately did come back to Ohio, he started a sham non-profit that paid his top political advisor and funded a political poll to help JD launch his own political career, while also flying in a doctor with Purdue Pharma ties who was well-known for “questioning the role of prescription painkillers in the national opioid crisis” directly to Ohio.

Now, with less than one month until Election Day, public polling continues to show that Ohio voters know that JD Vance is a phony who was never about Ohio and always about himself. 

“As if it wasn’t bad enough that San Francisco phony JD Vance ditched Ohio for California, invested in companies that shipped jobs to China, and started a scammy non-profit that did nothing to help Ohio’s opioid crisis, but he also invested thousands of dollars in an app that made it possible for Chinese citizens to buy American farmland with the click of a button,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Jordan Fuja. “Ohioans won’t let Vance anywhere near the U.S. Senate because they know that he is nothing but a phony who spent his entire career selling out Ohio workers for his own political gain.”