“MONUMENTALLY BAD TRADE DEAL”: New TV Ad Highlights JD Vance’s Record of Downplaying Devastating Impacts of Trade With China

A new TV ad from Tim Ryan’s campaign for U.S. Senate holds JD Vance accountable for saying bad trade deals with China didn’t cost Ohioans jobs—and for leaving Ohio behind for San Francisco, where he got rich while investing in companies that outsourced jobs to China, hurting workers and their families across Ohio.


“It’s not bad trade deals…it’s not this terrible trade deal with China,” JD Vance says. 

Tim has spent his entire career fighting like hell for Ohio workers, voted against his own party when they pushed bad trade deals that threatened Ohio jobs, and with President Trump to pass the landmark USMCA after working to make sure it included the strongest possible protections for Ohio workers. Tim knows that we need to work together, regardless of party affiliation, to oppose bad trade deals, increase wages, make it easier to join a union, bring supply chains home, and create more good-paying jobs in Ohio. Tim has also repeatedly called for a working-class tax cut—something JD Vance has called a “gimmick”—to help Ohio families who are working harder than ever get some more money in their pocket.

The new ad comes as several polls, including from Siena, Marist, and Suffolk University, continue to show the Ohio Senate race in a dead heat just five weeks out from Election Day, proving that Tim’s pro-worker message resonates with voters across Ohio, regardless of their political affiliation.  

“Tim is the only candidate in this race who’s proven he’ll actually take on China and do what’s right for Ohio workers.” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Jordan Fuja. “JD Vance abandoned Ohio for San Francisco to make millions while investing in companies that shipped Ohio jobs overseas, and never looked back—until it served his political ambitions.”