MomenTIM Grows on the Airwaves and Debate Stage

The Path Forward for Ohio

Tim took the debate stage this week, showing Ohioans his commitment to cutting workers in on the deal and bringing more good-paying jobs back to Ohio.

  • FIGHTING LIKE HELL: “Ryan said he was focused on working people…[He] was generally unapologetic about his record while shifting many of his answers to how the United States could compete with China.
  • SPECTRUM NEWS’ TAYLOR POPIELARZ ON TIM’S STRONG RECORD: “Ryan time and time again is able to talk about the votes he took in Congress, the causes he’s advocated for, and the fact that he is plugged into both the business community, but also the grassroots community…”
  • OHIO POLITICAL STRATEGIST MATT COX ON TIM’S BROAD APPEAL: “When you look at Tim Ryan, he needs to be able to, and he is the candidate, like Sherrod Brown, who can appeal to the white working class, blue collar voter who feels disenfranchised by the Democratic Party.”

First Ad Hits the Air

This week, Tim Ryan for Ohio launched its first TV ad of the campaign. The ad, titled “One Word” is part of a $3.3 million buy that will extend past the primary election. In the 30-second spot, Tim discusses the urgent need to take on China and support workers by revitalizing manufacturing in Ohio.

  • TIM’S MESSAGE TO WORKERS: “The language used in the ad appears to be aimed at manufacturing workers in Ohio, many of whom have been negatively impacted by jobs being outsourced to China, as well as the U.S. heavily relying on Chinese manufacturing.”
  • FROM FORMER JOHN GLENN STRATEGIST DALE BUTLAND: “At a time when the Republicans are slicing each other up in their ads and debates, this is a chance for him to introduce himself positively to people who don’t know who he is.”

Read more about the campaign’s first ad buy in the Toledo BladeFox News, and Bloomberg Government.

Fighting for Workers

Tim joined Ray Horner on WAKR to discuss key issues impacting Ohioans: “We have got to have a laser-like focus on bringing the supply chain back to the United States and have the least amount of dependence possible on China. And that means we have to rebuild the United States,” Tim said. “That means America needs to rebuild our middle class, which is our greatest weapon in this fight, and America needs to dominate these industries of the future. That’s my vision for our state and country.

This week, Tim joined Congressman Bill Johnson to introduce bipartisan legislation that would designate Youngstown Regional Airport as a primary airport, which would help secure funding to maintain and support the airport so it can continue to be an economic driver for the region.

On The Trail

Tim is back on the campaign trail this weekend, with stops in Cuyahoga, Sandusky, Paulding, and Defiance Counties on Saturday, and Van Wert and Mercer Counties on Sunday. For more information on locations and timing, please email