Multi-Million Dollar Rescue Attempts From Out-of-State Republicans Can’t Salvage JD Vance’s Flailing Campaign

This week, a Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC announced a $28 million ad buy in Ohio in a desperate attempt to prop up J.D. Vance’s flailing campaign. 

Vance has earned widespread scorn from Republicans in Ohio and across the country for his “horrible campaign,” which has featured campaign stops in Nantucket, New York, and Dallas (basically anywhere BUT Ohio). Even though Mitch McConnell and out-of-state Republicans dropped nearly $5 million in Ohio just last week, they’re being forced to spend even more to bail out Vance. 

And this isn’t the first time JD Vance has needed a rescue from out-of-state billionaires: he only survived his messy, nasty primary thanks to $15 million in outside spending from Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel. 

Since then, Vance has remained brutally unpopular and seemingly incapable of raising money — while even Republicans concede Tim Ryan is “playing to win.” 

“Ohio voters see right through San Francisco fraud JD Vance, which is why Mitch McConnell and his out-of-state allies are now having to spend $28 million just to keep him competitive with Tim Ryan,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Izzi Levy. “There’s no amount of money in this world that will convince voters here that Vance is anything but an out-of-touch phony who already sold out Ohioans once for his own gain and would do it again in a heartbeat. Even Republicans admit Vance is a terrible candidate running a terrible race, and McConnell’s multimillion-dollar bailout isn’t going to change that.”

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what they’re saying about McConnell’s $28 million attempt to save “bad candidate” JD Vance:  

  • Failed Ohio Senate candidate Jim Renacci admitted to Vance’s​​ stinging unpopularity: “And then the question will come, how many Republicans will say, ‘I may not like Tim Ryan’s policies, but I like Tim Ryan.’ And that’s the fight J.D. Vance needs to be worried about.”
  • “But the new ad buy is a sign that Republicans continue to view the Ohio race as competitive as they prioritize races nationally.”
  • Washington Examiner: “The Senate Leadership Fund revealed Thursday that it was adding Ohio to its list of targeted states and earmarking millions for television advertising after several weeks of brewing concern in GOP circles about Vance’s lackluster fundraising and polls showing Ryan competitive. Republicans had hoped to avoid spending in Ohio…”
  • NBC News: “‘Every dollar spent on his race is a dollar not spent in a more competitive state,’ a national Republican operative with deep Ohio experience said recently, referring to plans by outside spending groups to prop up Vance…”
  • Columbus Dispatch’s Haley BeMiller: “This story from Andrew Tobias has me recalling a conversation I had with Kyle Kondik: If national Rs start dumping money into the #OHSen race, he said, they’re worried.”
  • The Bulwark’s Jim Swift: “​​They’re scared because JD Vance is bad candidate.”
  • Sabato’s Crystal Ball’s Kyle Kondik: “Wow — Senate Leadership Fund dropping $28 million into the Ohio Senate race. Was curious to see if the cavalry came in for Vance, and boy is it.”