JD Vance Wants a National Abortion Ban

JD Vance’s own (unhinged) words presented without comment: 

“Let’s say Roe v. Wade is overruled. Ohio bans abortion in 2022 − let’s say 2024. Then every day, George Soros sends a 747 to Columbus to load up disproportionately Black women to get them to go have abortions in California. Of course, the left will celebrate this as a victory for diversity…If that happens, do you need some federal response to prevent it from happening because it’s really creepy? I’m pretty sympathetic to that, actually. Hopefully we get to a point where Ohio bans abortion and California and the Soroses of the world respect it.”

Read more from Columbus Dispatch’s Haley BeMiller on JD Vance’s dangerous views on women and abortions (plus his plans to campaign with national abortion ban bill author Lindsay Graham).