JD Vance (Unsurprisingly) Bails on Debate in His Own Hometown

Vance robs Cincinnati of debate, cancels on WLWT’s October 4th event

After ghosting debate organizers for well over a month and slamming hosts whose debates he participated in just a few months ago, JD Vance has once again conveniently created another logistical conflict to avoid a debate in his own hometown. 

Tim Ryan was first to announce his commitment to participate in three debates, including one hosted by WLWT in Hamilton on October 4, 2022. Despite indicating to debate organizers that WLWT’s proposed date would work for him, Vance later attempted to manufacture a scheduling conflict for October 4th by committing to two debates on the same date. That scheduling conflict was resolved this week when both campaigns agreed to a debate in Cleveland on October 10th. 

Now, more than one month after committing to two debates on October 4, Vance claims he can’t debate on that date at all, inventing an entirely new scheduling conflict and putting his own schedule ahead of his participation in the debates that 84 percent of Ohio voters want to see. 

“JD Vance got out of Ohio as quickly as he could, has spent the entire general election campaigning everywhere except Ohio, and wrote an entire book bashing the people he grew up with—of course he doesn’t want to do a debate in his hometown,” said Tim for Ohio campaign manager Dave Chase. “October 4th is the only date he previously agreed to participate in a debate, so this is just more BS from a candidate who will do everything in his power to worm his way out of debates and avoid answering for his scammy non-profit that brought a doctor with ties to Purdue Pharma to Ohio and his extreme views on abortion that would force victims of rape and incest to give birth. Tim is putting Ohio voters first and prioritizing the debates that Ohioans deserve. JD Vance should take a page out of Tim’s book and do the same.”