JD Vance Left Ohio to Cash In in California, Now Calls America “Kind of a Joke”

Following Republicans’ nomination of J.D. Vance tonight, Tim Ryan’s U.S. Senate campaign released a new video highlighting Vance’s abandonment of Ohio and his comments calling America “kind of a joke.”

“No one in Ohio politics is more phony than J.D. Vance, a millionaire elitist who left Ohio behind to cash in on the coasts and thinks America is ‘kind of a joke,’” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Izzi Levy. “Meanwhile, Tim Ryan lives down the road from the house where he grew up in Niles, and has never stopped fighting for the working people who make our country work. Vance only limped across the finish line with the help of a super PAC bankrolled by a Big Tech billionaire and an eleventh-hour endorsement from Donald Trump, which he earned by flip-flopping on every belief he claimed to hold prior to deciding to run for office. Ohioans see Vance for exactly what he is: in his own words, ‘kind of a joke.’”