J.D. Vance Doesn’t Care What Happens To Ukraine, Profits Off Russian Propaganda

Ohio is home to nearly 80,000 Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Americans, one of the largest communities in the country

Tim Ryan’s U.S. Senate campaign released a new video holding J.D. Vance accountable for his comments that he “[doesn’t] really care what happens to Ukraine, one way or another,” and for his financial ties to social media platform Rumble, which Russian state media uses to spread propaganda.


An Associated Press report revealed how Vance “joined Peter Thiel and other prominent conservative venture capitalists” to invest heavily in Rumble, which RT—Russia’s state-owned media outlet—moved to last year after Twitter and Meta announced new measures to limit the spread of propaganda.

Now, as Russia continues its brutal and unprovoked assault on Ukraine, J.D. Vance has minimized the war and made his ambivalence clear to the people of Ukraine and the tens of thousands of Ukrainian-Americans in Ohio whom he hopes to represent in the Senate. 

“Ohioans deserve a senator who will stand up for democracy, not a Big Tech millionaire who profits off the lies of a murderous dictator,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Izzi Levy. “While California Vance shrugs at Putin’s criminal conduct and cashes in on the very platform that Russian state media is using to spread dangerous propaganda and lies about their vicious attack on Ukraine, Tim is listening closely to the needs of Ohio’s Ukrainian-American community and working hard to make sure America sends aid and military support to the Ukrainians fighting for their country.