Protecting Reproductive Freedom

Every Ohioan should be able to access the health care that’s right for them, and that includes protecting the right to safe, legal abortion. As the state legislature and local governments around Ohio push dangerous proposals to ban abortion without exception for rape or incest, and to punish people for helping those seeking urgently-needed care, Tim is working to protect reproductive freedom for all Ohioans.

Tim is a proud cosponsor and recently voted to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade. He has voted against efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and other health care providers, and opposes efforts to restrict access to health care coverage for reproductive care.
Finally, Tim recognizes that the greatest threat to reproductive rights in the United States today comes from efforts to throw out decades of legal precedent and overturn Roe. In the Senate, he will study judicial nominees’ records and past statements on reproductive rights, and oppose the confirmation of those who will not protect this critical right.