Modernizing Our Immigration System

As the great-grandson of immigrants, Tim understands personally how new Americans’ contributions to our communities have shaped the fabric of our society. If we’re serious about honoring our heritage as a nation of immigrants, we need to set aside the scare tactics and work to modernize our broken system to keep families together—all while taking steps to grow our economy and keep Americans safe.

In Congress, Tim has worked to secure funding to make sure law enforcement agencies are adequately staffed, and invest in technology and resources to secure our border as effectively as possible to better keep out terrorists and criminals and prevent the spread of fentanyl and other deadly drugs.

He’s voted to reform our broken immigration system and spoke up against efforts to separate immigrant families and end protections for young people brought to the United States as children. Above all, Tim remains committed to working with anyone to make it easier to immigrate here legally, streamline and update our intake processes for refugees and asylum seekers, and establish a path to citizenship for the workers and small business owners who are already in the United States.