Helping Our Students Win the Future

As a dad of three and the husband of a first-grade public school teacher, Tim knows firsthand what it’ll take to make sure all our kids can get a great education. That’s why he’s working to invest in high-quality affordable child care, universal pre-K, and two years of tuition-free community college for anyone who wants, along with bold investments to modernize our school buildings and give our teachers the resources they need. Our kids are entering a competitive and rapidly changing world, and we owe it to them and their parents to make sure they’re ready to take on any challenges the world throws at them. Tim is working to invest in programs to help kids build grit and resilience, expand access to healthy food in our schools, and teach entrepreneurship so the next generation can build the businesses of the future.

Tim recognizes that with other countries making huge investments into their workforce, we can’t afford not to give our team the skills to compete and win. He’s working to bring back and modernize shop class, and reinvest in skills development and registered apprenticeship programs because not having a college degree doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to get a good job and help Ohio dominate the future.

Finally, Tim and Andrea are still paying off student loans, and they understand the pressure that the student debt crisis has put on so many Americans. Which is why in addition to making it easier to go to community college, Tim supports expanding access to tuition-free college in exchange for public service, allowing student-borrowers to refinance their loans, and expanding loan forgiveness so that crushing debt isn’t holding Ohioans back from serving their community or pursuing the career that’s right for them.