Giving Seniors a Pay Raise

For nearly a century, the promise in this country has been simple: anyone working hard has the right to a dignified retirement. Tim has always fought back against dangerous efforts to cut and privatize Social Security and Medicare that would directly harm older Ohioans, as well as surviving spouses and Ohioans with disabilities.

Instead, he’s working to give a pay raise to seniors and other beneficiaries of these critical benefits. In Congress, he has supported legislation that would put more money in seniors’ pockets by increasing benefits, cutting taxes, and ensuring that Social Security keeps up with the rising cost of living so that no one who has spent a lifetime working hard has to retire into poverty—all of which we can do by raising workers’ wages so we’re investing more money into retirement, and by asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share.

Tim also supports strengthening and expanding Medicare by lowering the eligibility age to 60 and allowing people to buy in at 50, allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices—which would result in big savings for seniors and taxpayers—and expanding benefits to include vision, dental, and hearing coverage so older Ohioans can get the care they need.

Finally, Tim knows a pension is a promise. He’s fought to shore up multi-employer pension plans and successfully worked with Senator Sherrod Brown to pass the Butch Lewis Act, protecting the hard-earned pensions of more than 40,000 Ohio workers and retirees, and he’ll always fight to make sure that after years of hard work, our seniors are cut in on the deal.