Dominating the Clean Energy Economy and Protecting our Natural Resources

From Lake Erie to the hills of Appalachia, Ohio’s natural resources are a source of pride, part of our way of life, and an economic driver that we need to protect. Tim is focused on making sure that efforts to combat climate change and protect the health of every Ohioan translate into investments into our people and our communities, creating good-paying jobs and opportunities for Ohio workers to once again lead the country and the world—all while ensuring that we enjoy the benefits for generations to come.

With climate change already bringing more intense heat, flooding, and changes to growing seasons for our farmers—along with greater risk of heat death and more unsafe air quality days that disproportionately harm low-income communities and people of color—Tim recognizes that we can’t afford not to act. He’s pushed to pass a robust infrastructure plan that will put thousands of Ohioans to work modernizing our grid, going big on clean energy, and preparing for the challenges of the 21st century, all while using American-made materials.

There’s no reason we should be relying on wind turbines and solar panels made in China. Tim is fighting to cut Ohio workers in on the deal by revitalizing clean manufacturing here at home—so we can supply the world with American-made wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, electric vehicles, and everything else we’ll need to power the clean energy economy.

Finally, Tim has worked with Democrats and Republicans to fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and fought to clean up Ohio’s waterways—ensuring our state remains open for business, investing in safe drinking water for all Ohioans, and boosting Ohio’s outdoors economy for generations to come.