Cutting Workers In On The Deal

The most valuable asset the United States has ever had was a thriving middle class. But today, after decades of disinvestment, unfair trade and outsourcing, and policies that have boosted the wealthiest and the biggest corporations at the expense of working people, Ohioans are working harder than ever before, doing everything right, and still falling further behind. Tim has spent his career fighting for working people, no matter their race or gender, and he’ll continue to fight in the Senate—beginning with passing the PRO Act, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, expanding access to high-quality and affordable child care, and protecting the promise of a dignified retirement.

After seeing the devastating impacts of NAFTA on Northeast Ohio, Tim has consistently taken on both parties to oppose harmful trade policies that allow companies to ship Ohio jobs overseas and hollow out Ohio communities. He was an outspoken opponent of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, voted against unfair trade deals introduced by Democrats and Republicans alike, and prior to the passage of USMCA, was a leading voice to renegotiate NAFTA to level the playing field for Ohio workers. Tim has also consistently called out China and other bad actors for illegal practices like currency manipulation, intellectual property theft, and corporate subsidies, and he will keep fighting to crack down on those who break the law to undercut Ohio workers and businesses.

Tim recognizes that a full economic recovery will require everyone at the table—including both businesses and workers—working together to reinvest into our people and communities. That’s why he’s consistently worked to bring businesses and investment to Ohio, to help small businesses keep their doors open during the pandemic, and to cut taxes for businesses that do right by their workers by providing paid leave and other critical benefits.

We can’t tilt the balance of power back to working people unless we’re cutting all workers in on the deal, which is why Tim will keep working to close the gender and racial pay gaps that have left working women and Black and Brown workers behind, to expand access to credit and capital for minority-owned businesses, and reinvest into communities across Ohio that have been left behind for too long.