Creating New Opportunity for Rural Ohio

As we get Ohio working again, Tim is committed to making sure our rural areas don’t get left behind any longer.

Tim is fighting to make big investments into our roads and bridges and affordable high-speed internet that will help connect our communities and make it easier to do business in rural Ohio — all while creating good-paying construction jobs for local workers and using American-made materials to do it. Ohio is home to the best workers in the world, and our rural communities have a critical role to play as we bring our supply chain home and revitalize manufacturing.

With the right leadership, our small towns and rural areas can continue to offer a great quality of life for all who live there, which is why Tim is pushing to put people to work rebuilding and modernizing our schools and building more affordable housing, helping rural Ohioans get the skills to find a good job, expanding access to affordable child care, and making sure Ohio’s rural hospitals have the resources they need to keep their doors open. In Congress, he’s worked to secure funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission, which provides critical resources to health care providers throughout eastern Ohio so that families can access the care they need without having to drive hours away.  He also knows how hard the opioid epidemic has hit rural Ohio. He’s worked across party lines to expand rural mental health care for veterans and expand access to telehealth services for those struggling with substance use disorder, and will continue to fight for resources to address this devastating crisis.

Finally, Tim is proud to support the Ohio farmers who feed and fuel the world. He’s pushed to bring down input costs for farmers, inspire the next generation of Ohioans to pursue careers in agriculture, and is working to make sure that family farmers are able to pass their land on to the next generation. Tim also recognizes the critical role that farmers play in protecting our environment, which is why he has proudly cosponsored legislation to expand the use of low-carbon biofuels, and to partner with and reward farmers who employ conservation practices to improve soil quality and sequester carbon.