“I Don’t Really Care What Happens to Ukraine”: Digital Ads Hold Vance Accountable 100 Days After Start of Putin’s Invasion

To mark 100 days since Vladimir Putin began his invasion of Ukraine, Tim Ryan’s U.S. Senate campaign is launching digital ads holding J.D. Vance accountable for saying he “[doesn’t] really care what happens to Ukraine” while profiting off Russian propaganda.


This five-figure digital buy focuses on Vance’s major investment in Rumble, a social media platform that welcomed Russian state media after mainstream platforms refused to allow their dangerous propaganda and lies, and targets Parma, home to the largest Ukrainian community in Ohio. There are nearly 43,000 Ohioans of Ukrainian descent.

“As Putin continues his deadly assault on Ukraine, Tim Ryan is showing up for Ohio’s Ukrainian community by doing everything in his power to help the Ukrainian people fight for their freedom,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Izzi Levy. “Meanwhile, J.D. Vance continues to shrug off these atrocities that touch so many families here in Ohio, while cashing in on the very tech companies Putin is using to spread his propaganda—proving yet again that he cannot be trusted to do what’s right for Ohioans.”