“HERE THEY COME”: New Tim Ryan TV Ad Pushes Back Against “Bullsh*t” Attacks

In the newest ad from Tim Ryan’s campaign for U.S. Senate, Tim dusts off his old quarterback skills to push back on attacks from JD Vance and his out-of-state saviors. “They say you can know a person by their enemies. Well, here comes their bullsh*t ads,” Tim says in the ad. 


Responding to the outside groups currently spending tens of millions of dollars in an “unexpected expense” to try to save JD Vance, Tim says “Those are from the people who pushed bad trade deals with China. I voted against them every single time. And that’s from the people who sell out Ohio workers. I voted against them, too. Ohio workers need a tax cut.”

While JD Vance has defended outsourcing his entire career — shrugging off the tax and trade policies that made it easier for corporations to ship jobs overseas and suggesting  that a “55-year-old worker in Dayton… may not be able to find a good-paying job for the rest of his working life” — Tim has spent his entire career fighting for workers by opposing bad trade deals, working to hold China accountable for unfair and illegal practices, fighting to increase wages and make it easier to join a union, and bringing good-paying jobs back to Ohio. 

“While JD Vance’s flailing campaign continues to fumble the ball, Tim Ryan is on offense and his workers-first message is resonating in every corner of Ohio,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Jordan Fuja. “It’s the 4th quarter and Vance’s West Coast Offense is down bad, but no Hail Mary from his out-of-state allies can cover the fact that he’s a self-serving fraud who plays for the wrong team and will sell Ohioans out every chance he gets.”