Happy birthday, JD Vance! We made you a web series.

“JD Vance? JD Vance is part of the problem!”

Tim Ryan’s U.S. Senate campaign is celebrating San Francisco millionaire JD Vance’s birthday with the launch of a new “HillBilly on the Street” web series, in which Ohioans share their thoughts about Vance’s memoir, Hillbilly Elegy. The book has earned widespread criticism for its demeaning portrayal of working-class Ohioans hit hard by decades of unfair trade, deindustrialization, and the opioid epidemic.

Watch what Middletonians had to say about Vance’s book:

“JD Vance has spent the better part of the last three months hiding from Ohioans, so for his birthday, we decided to help him out by catching up with his old neighbors,” said Tim for Ohio spokesperson Izzi Levy. “Unfortunately for Vance — and unsurprisingly, after he ditched Ohio to make millions while investing in companies that profit from globalization and free trade, and disparaging the struggles of working-class Ohioans hit hardest by those same practices — his neighbors were only too happy to unload on his terrible book, and on all the ways Vance is a phony who would welcome any opportunity to sell out hardworking Ohioans in the U.S. Senate.”

Watch the premiere episode of “HillBilly on the Street,” and stay tuned for future episodes exposing JD Vance for the fraud he is.