Dealer Editorial Board: Tim Ryan “A Steady Voice For the Working Class…Deserves Your Vote”

Editorial Board: “But the choice here boils down to what kind of statesman would best represent Ohio in the Senate. In that arena, Ryan is the clear favorite.”

The Dealer editorial board today announced its endorsement of Tim Ryan in the race for Ohio’s open Senate seat. In their endorsement, they applauded Tim for his willingness to “work across the aisle,” his “focus on grassroots economic development,” and his independence as a legislator.

They also criticized JD Vance for his “craven political cowardice” and his decision to not even show up for his editorial board interview. 

Read highlights from today’s endorsement:

  • …the choice here boils down to what kind of statesman would best represent Ohio in the Senate. In that arena, Ryan is the clear favorite.
  • During his years in Congress, Ryan has shown himself to be an able collaborator who is willing to work across the aisle, an important quality in a deeply divided Senate.
  • His bipartisan bona fides were affirmed by a recent Georgetown University study, which judged him Ohio’s second most bipartisan U.S. House member…
  • Ryan acknowledged his consistent voting with Pelosi, but noted that negotiations and differences of opinion while legislation is being formed are far more important than the final vote. And his having run against Pelosi for House speaker in 2016 and his opposition to her two years later are hardly the acts of a sycophant.
  • Ryan’s focus on grassroots economic development and emphasis on what he calls “cutting Ohio workers in on the deal,” and the pragmatic grasp he showed in discussing the need to stand firm against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the potential threat of China doing the same with Taiwan add up to a strong argument for Ryan to replace Portman in the Senate.
  • “Nobody owns me,” [Ryan] told the board. “Not Peter Thiel (a reference to billionaire Thiel’s aggressive fundraising for Vance), not Mitch McConnell, not Chuck Schumer, not Nancy Pelosi.”
  • Vance, by contrast, has not exhibited the astute judgment necessary to return the Senate to its former status as the world’s greatest deliberative body.
  • Exhibit No. 1 is Vance’s craven political cowardice in advancing Trump’s Big Lie that Joe Biden is not the legitimately elected president of the United States.
  • [Vance’s] accusation that Biden is responsible for the fentanyl epidemic because of his immigration policies is equally irresponsible – and who can forget his initial reaction to the Russian invasion: “I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another.”
  • With Tim Ryan, voters know what they’ll get and who he is — a steady voice for the working class, a bipartisan collaborator, and someone laser-focused on manufacturing innovation to keep jobs and income in Ohio. That’s why Tim Ryan deserves your vote for U.S. Senate. Early voting in the Nov. 8 election has begun.

Read the full editorial here.