“BOGUS”: New Tim Ryan Ad Features Recovery Advocate Calling Out JD Vance’s Sham Opioid Non-Profit

In a new ad for Tim Ryan’s U.S. Senate campaign, Dale King — a Portsmouth veteran, small business owner, lifelong Republican and advocate for people in recovery from opioid addiction — calls out JD Vance for his “bogus” non-profit that did nothing to help Ohio’s opioid epidemic, but spent tens of thousands of dollars to launch Vance’s political career.


“When I came back home after serving in Iraq, Ohio was ground zero of the opioid epidemic,” said Dale King. “JD Vance had a chance to do something about it, and instead he started a bogus non-profit to launch his political career. Tim Ryan came to Portsmouth, listened to what people here are going through, and is fighting like hell to address this crisis in Congress. We’re doing our part to help our community get back on its feet, and we need a partner in the Senate who will help make a difference — not JD Vance, who’s just in it to help himself.”

Instead of using his platform to help Ohioans struggling with addiction, Vance’s sham non-profit, “Our Ohio Renewal,” did little to address the opioid epidemic; Vance himself has even admitted it “wasn’t ultimately very successful.” An Insider report, which was later confirmed by PolitiFact, revealed the non-profit paid more to Vance’s top political strategist and for political polling than it did on programs to combat addiction in Ohio.

The same year Our Ohio Renewal paid $45,000 for a poll, The Atlantic reported that Vance had “commissioned a poll testing his viability in the Republican primaries for governor and Senate.” And while the Vance campaign has been given multiple opportunities — including by InsiderFox News, and PolitiFact — to refute that the organization paid for research to help launch Vance’s political career, they have refused to do so.