A “Post-Partisan Populist”: Tim Ryan’s MomenTIM Cuts Through the Noise

This week, Tim Ryan continued to talk face-to-face with voters in Ohio, and to fight like hell for Ohioans in Washington.

Meeting Workers Where They’re At

Tim kicked off the week with campaign stops in Toledo, Dayton, Akron, and Canton to meet with Ohio entrepreneurs and talk with workers about how he’s going to fight like hell for them in the U.S. Senate. 

  • TOLEDO BLADE’S TREVOR HUBERT ON TIM’S COMMITMENT TO NORTHWEST OHIO: “Senate candidate Tim Ryan toured Toledo Spirits on Monday during his third campaign stop in the area in as many weeks as he described how small businesses can become an anchor for neighborhood redevelopment.”
  • TIM RYAN ON CUTTING TAXES FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: “Big businesses get all the attention. A lot of them don’t even pay taxes. And yet the small business people are slogging it out, paying taxes, doing their thing, giving back to the community. So, they need representation in Congress.”

Tim also toured Akron’s Bounce Innovation Hub to meet with local tech entrepreneurs who are creating new and innovative Ohio-based businesses. He then traveled down to Canton to shake hands with workers at the plant gates.

Fighting Like Hell in Washington

Tim’s commitment to fighting like hell for workers doesn’t stop when he goes back to D.C. This week, he helped pass two key bills that will have a major impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ohioans. 

After 13 years of fighting for Delphi workers to receive hard-earned pensions, Tim helped pass “one of the biggest legislative actions” to restore pensions for over 20,000 salaried Delphi retirees. 

  • TIM ON HIS 13-YEAR FIGHT TO RESTORE DELPHI PENSIONS: “It’s not a Democrat thing, it’s not a Republican thing, not a left (or) right thing, not a free market thing or socialist thing. It’s about people. It’s about American citizens who did everything right and they showed up one day in the middle of a bankruptcy…”

Read more on this critical legislation in The VindicatorBusiness Journal Daily, WKBNWHIO, and Pike County News Watchman.

This week, he also helped pass the CHIPS Act, which will help reshore semiconductor chip supply chains, make the U.S. more competitive, and support the Intel project in central Ohio. Tim has been pushing Congress to pass this act as soon as possible to help bring more jobs and opportunity to Ohio. 

  • CLEVELAND.COM‘S ANDREW TOBIAS ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CHIPS ACT: “Supporters, including companies like Intel, say the bill is necessary to compete with other countries that subsidize their semiconductor industry, and to cover the higher cost of paying American workers compared to counterparts in East Asia, where many computer-chip factories are located.”
  • TIM ON PUTTING ASIDE PARTISAN POLITICS TO PASS THE BILL: “‘This is the first step toward an industrial policy in the United States of America, and it is time for us to quit the politics,’ said Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Warren, who is running for the U.S. Senate. ‘Stop trying to score political points. Stop putting party over country. Lay down our arms. My god, if we can’t agree on this, what the hell are we going to agree on?’”

Tim’s Workers First Message Bridges Partisan Divides

This week, Tim’s “GOP-friendly” message and call for a working-class tax cut continued to make waves with Republican and independent voters. 

  • NBC NEWS‘ HENRY GOMEZ: “Ryan’s GOP-friendly message has caught attention, to the point where Vance can’t make fundraising calls without hearing about it.”
  • DAILY BEAST’S SAM BRODEY: “A GOP source in state politics said it’s a ‘widespread trend’ that Republicans officials are hearing in their networks about Ryan’s crossover appeal. ‘People who are Republicans are saying, ‘that Tim Ryan guy, he’s alright, I like the way he sounds,’’ the GOP source said.”

Tim joined CNN and Fox News to continue to call for a middle-class tax cut to help working Ohioans weather inflation and get a little more money in their pockets.