A “Leader Who Listens,” Tim Ryan Campaigns Across Ohio as MomenTIM Grows 

Fresh off two packed weeks on the campaign trail, Tim Ryan is outpacing JD Vance in fundraising, beating him in two new polls, and introducing himself to voters across Ohio with new TV ads. 

Just Can’t Wait to Get On the Road Again

Tim spent the past two weeks campaigning in every corner of Ohio to meet voters where they’re at, listen to what they need from their next senator, and share his promise to fight like hell for them when he gets to the Senate.

Tim started his swing across the state along the Ohio River, meeting with small business owners in Jefferson County to talk about what he will do to help independent businesses in small towns stay open. 

  • WTOV’S CHLOE MESOGITIS: “Ryan… stressed the importance of small businesses while suggesting potential tax cuts and grants for them.”

He then spent the rest of the day touring local manufacturing businesses in Meigs County and Athens and meeting with workers.

The next morning, Tim earned the endorsement of the Ohio Nurses Association in Cincinnati.

  • ONA PRESIDENT ROBERT WEITZEL: “The time is now to elect leaders who listen to workers. The time is now to put people in office who care more about safe patient care. The time is now to elect Tim Ryan.

Following the endorsement, Tim made his way to Dayton, where he visited Black-owned businesses in the Wright-Dunbar neighborhood and had lunch with a group of Black women business owners to hear about what he can do to support them. 

  • TIM’S TAKEAWAY FROM THE ROUNDTABLE: “We’ve got to realize that the next version of the American economy needs to include small business, and those opportunities need to be made available to everybody.”

Continuing to emphasize his commitment to revitalizing Ohio’s manufacturing industry, Tim toured Flex Machine Tools in Wapakoneta and learned about how supply chain issues are impacting their ability to operate efficiently. 

  • TIM ON NEXT-GENERATION MANUFACTURING: “These are the jobs and industries of the future. We want to highlight, grow and expand them so we create more jobs. In the coming decades, it will create more stability in Ohio.”

Tim rounded out the day in Bowling Green, holding a roundtable conversation with young voters to talk about what he will do in the Senate for the next generation of Ohioans. 

The next day, Tim closed out his trip around the state with a small business roundtable in Toledo and a veterans roundtable in Cleveland, where he heard about the issues small business owners are facing and how he can help veterans access health care and other important benefits. 

Tim’s second swing in as many weeks kicked off with coffee and breakfast with Portage County leaders at Tree City Coffee in Kent. 

He then made his way over to Perrysburg to tour Toledo Solar, which is leading the way in innovative solar manufacturing and creating good-paying jobs for Ohioans in the industries of the future.

  • TIM ON THE FUTURE OF SOLAR MANUFACTURING: “We’ve seen through the pandemic how reliant we are on China for so many products and it’s just outrageous that we’re going to continue to go down that road. We need to take a stand and it will benefit solar companies here in northwest Ohio.”

After the tour, Tim joined IUE-CWA members in Dayton to rally for workers’ rights and call on the Senate to pass the PRO Act, which he helped pass in the House to make it easier and safer for workers across the state to organize and join a union. 

On Thursday, Tim met with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce in the morning to learn about how he can help business owners in Butler County continue to succeed and create good-paying, high-quality jobs close to  home. 

He then spent the afternoon with over 20 farmers and agriculture advocates at the Gibbs Family Farm in Shelby County to discuss his plans to help rural Ohio and make sure farmers are cut in on the deal. 

  • SHELBY COUNTY FARMER AND FORMER GOP CHAIR CHRIS GIBBS: “I think the congressman’s message that he understands the value of hard work resonated with the farmers and those who serve the ag community here today. What impressed me most is what he didn’t bring to the farm today. He didn’t being rhetoric designed to divide us as Americans with hot-button cultural issues and he certainly didn’t bring a laundry list of things that were wrong with our America. When any candidate starts down that road, I just quit listening.”

Tim started the final day of his second swing around the state in Columbus, meeting with folks at the National Center for Urban Solutions and the African-American Wellness Agency to tour their facilities, learn about their workforce development and wellness programs, and discuss what he can do in the Senate to make sure Black Ohioans have the resources they need.

He also headed down to Chillicothe to tour Kenworth’s truck manufacturing facility, talk with workers, and discuss key legislation, like the CHIPS Act, that will help businesses like Kenworth continue to thrive and create jobs in Ross County. 

  • CHILLICOTHE GAZETTE’S SHELBY REEVES: “During his visit Ryan talked about the discussion surrounding the CHIPS Act. If the act is not passed there is a fear that many manufacturing jobs will move production to overseas and halt any new production in the state. Ryan said he is ‘worried’ and ‘scared to death’ of the act not passing.”

Rounding out two weeks on the trail, Tim rallied with members of Steelworkers Local 689 in Piketon to talk about his commitment to fight like hell for Ohio’s workers and make sure they get a piece of the pie. 

  • TIM TO PIKETON STEELWORKERS: “I just want everybody down here to know that I came from an area like this, and I’m going to do everything I can to help these forgotten communities; they’re not going to be forgotten anymore. It is time to put America first and Democrats and Republicans second.”

Fundraising and Polls and Ads, Oh My!

Tim’s nonstop push to meet voters in every corner of the state is translating into quantifiable signs of momentum. 

On the heels of new polling that showed Tim beating JD Vance by two points, Tim’s campaign announced it had raised a record-breaking $9.1 million in the second quarter of 2022, dwarfing JD Vance’s raise nine-to-one.  

  • THE VINDICATOR’S DAVID SKOLNICK ON TIM’S HAUL: “To put the amount raised between April and June in perspective, Ryan raised more money in those three quarters than he did in all of 2021 — and that’s without putting any contributions from the candidate.”
  • REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST TERRY CASEY ON JD’S DISMAL FUNDRAISING: “I think legitimately he’s got to crank up his fundraising, and a lot of that’s got to be national. But clearly, they’re still digging out and recovering from the primary, because it was so nasty, twisted and dirty.”
  • MORE ON JD’S FUNDRAISING FROM AN UNNAMED OHIO GOP STRATEGIST: “It’s certainly got to be a wake-up call to the J.D. Vance campaign, because Tim Ryan is running circles around him right now.”

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Tim’s campaign for Senate is continuing to invest in new TV ads to introduce Ohioans to Tim Ryan and show just how phony JD Vance really is. 

One new ad highlights praise he has earned over the years from Fox News as a commonsense leader who stays focused on the issues that matter most to Ohioans and isn’t afraid to stand up to his own party. 

The other ad calls out JD Vance for the self-promoting non-profit that Vance claimed he’d founded to combat the opioid epidemic — but which he only ever used to further his personal brand and political ambitions.